We also have the R-11 model subway cars available.

Assembled, painted & Decaled Version

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Model Subway News

R-40 Update


(Original Scheme)

The R-40 is scheduled to be shipping shortly. Here are the latest photos of the R-40 master model.

Below there are two photos of the R-40 model subway car and the mechanism that is being worked on for the R-40.

Here are the latest details of the model R-40 subway car:

  • Both cars are painted silver
  • The first run will feature both cars powered
  • Include window glazing and the parts for the end guards and the end stirrup

    The underbody and truck sideframes are cast in metal to give the car some weight. Each set includes an A car and a B car. Coupler pockets accept Kadee and NMRA couplers.

The R-40 comes to the model railroader as a two car (powered) set. As the R-40 has been used through-out the New York City Subway System; (IND/BMT) we are providing a decal sheet with the R-40 that will enable you to sign up the R-40 for the lines this unique car was used when it first came out. We are taking pre-orders for this model and your R-40 will be delivered to you shortly; the ETA has been changed to January as the mechanism is still being worked on. This gives you the opportunity to reserve your set today as there will only be a limited number made!

You can pre-order your R-40 car, straight from this newsletter for $350.00 by clicking the button below:

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Newsletter Price $189.00

Route, Destination & side roll signs (there are 4) for the R-11
Car ID #

R-11 Kit Version

These double-ended, single-unit cars were part of a mini-fleet of 10 delivered to the IND by Budd in 1949. They were built to test new technology and were intended for a Second Avenue service that never happened. The R11 fleet was the first stainless steel class built for the NYC subway system. They were rebuilt in 1965 and reclassified R34. They were not retired until the 1970s. One remains in the Transit Museum.
Because only ten cars were built, and as a result of their (1949) $100,000 per car cost, they were nicknamed the 'Million Dollar Train'.

*Kits represent the cars as-built in 1949
*One-Piece Body Shell
*Resin Floor with Underbody
*Metal trucks with wheelsets and Plastic Sideframes
*interior Seating
*Kadee-compatible coupler pockets
*End Gates

These cars are available for a limited time for $145.00 through this Newsletter

N- SCALE Budd M-1 Metropolitan MU Cars

(There are only a few sets left--Metro North Shown below)

We are told by the builder of these cars that they will not ship with the MTA Logos on them due to the unforeseen delays in obtaining the MTA licensing to have the logo on the cars. They will be available painted with blue or yellow stripes. You can still order yours before it's sold out!

A Preview of the Cars

The model represents the Budd-built electric MU commuter cars supplied to the Long Island Rail Road in 1968. Later, a group was built for the Metro-North lines out of Grand Central Terminal. The cars operated in pairs, with one A car and one B car. They are being retired now in favour of new M-7 cars.

*N Scale R-T-R Nonpowered Display Models
*One-Piece, finely cast resin shells
*Shells represent M-1 series cars
*2-Car Sets come Assembled, Painted with window glazing
*Resin Floors with cast-on underbody, interiors, and stirrup step detail
N *Metal dummy (nonpowered) trucks with Atlas metal wheelsets and third rail shoe detail
*Other details include tubular diaphragms and underbody details specific to A car and B Car
* Authentic markings

PRODUCTION IS LIMITED. These models are produced in limited quantities and arehand-assembled and painted. Reserve now to avoid disappointment!


Budd M