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Greyhound Bus

Model Buses

 Prevost Greyhound model bus bank

 1/50 Scale Pad Printed Greyhound model bus

Includes Box created for this limited release made of hard plastic with rolling rubber wheels

Price $27.00

Limited Availability

MCI Greyhound Bus Bank featuring the Fade Out Dog Livery 1/50 Scale and painted wheel caps

Includes Collectible box from Greyhound

Price $28.00

MCI Greyhound Bus Bank featuring the Vintage Livery 1/50 Scale

Price $31.95

Corgi Quality 1:50 Scale Greyhound Parlor Bus

Made of Diecast Metal

Iconic Replicas Greyhound Bus

Rare 1931 BK Parlor Coach: Greyhound Bus Lines-
comes to you new in its original factory box. 1:50 Scale

A Perfect Add-on to your Greyhound Bus Collection!

Price $79.95
Special Price $69.95

Corgi Buses

                     Corgi Buses

All of the Corgi Greyhound Buses showcased below come in their original boxes,

have their mirrors and ID Cards (When Corgi made an ID Card for that particular model)

Corgi Greyhound New Looks Model Bus 

Corgi Fishbowl Greyhound Lines GM5303 model bus 1/50 Scale new in box

Price $99.95


Corgi Fishbowl NYC Greyhound New York World's Fair

Destination  X   L.I.R.R. & Subway 1:50 Scale

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Corgi Fishbowl Greyhound At The World's Fair

Corgi Greyhound Fishbowl

Price $139.95


Corgi Fishbowl Greyhound World's Fair Fishbowl Model Bus-

Destination Sign: Greyhound at the World's Fair (With Center Exit Door)

Corgi Greyhound World's Fair New Looks 

Price $149.95


Corgi Greyhound MCI D102 Diecast Model Bus 1:50 Scale TNM&O

Destination: Lubock Coach # 30990

Greyhound TNM&O

Price $89.95 

Corgi Greyhound MCI D102 Diecast Model Bus 1:50 Scale

Destination: Washington Coach # 6060

Corgi Greyhound

Price $99.95

Corgi Greyhound MCI D102 Diecast Model Bus 1:50 Scale

Destination:  Montreal

Corgi MCI Greyhound model bus New in Box! C53404 1:50 Scale

Price $119.95


Corgi Greyhound MCI D102 Diecast Model Bus 1:50 Scale

No Destination Sign Coach # 6017 C53401

Corgi Greyhound C53401

Price $109.95

Corgi Greyhound MCI Vermont Transit

 Diecast Model Bus 1:50 Scale

Corgi Vermont Transit Greyhound

Price $89.95

Limited Supply Available

Greyhound GMC Scenicruiser model Bus

1:87 Scale New York - Classic Metal Works


Price $34.95

Greyhound model bus bank 96A3 vintage livery

Bus Bank

MCI 96A3 vintage Greyhound livery; 1/50 Scale

Price $29.99

Greyhound G4500 Diecast model Bus 1/87 Scale

Comes on Blister Card from Greyhound

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MTH Greyhound Bus Station 1:50 Scale  Goes Great with 1:50 Scale Greyhound buses!

Here is a Video of this Bus Station in Action!  Just Click Play...



Completely Pre-Assembed -Easy-to-Wire Interior Lights -Fully Decorated and Painted Proto-Sound 2.0

 With The Digital Command System Featuring: Unit Measures: 16 1/2" x 18 3/4" x 9 1/2"

Price $169.95