Custom Painted Police Cars


It is now possible to have a Custom Painted Police Car for your City.  Here are just some examples that have been done and that can be ordered.    We will be happy to custom paint your City's Police car for you.  Simply click on the Order button next to the Police car of your choice & fill out the form below to receive a quote.

Cadillac Michigan Police Car  Click to order

Delray Beach Police Department Click to order


Berkley Police Dept. Sheriff  Click to order


Broward County Police Department

                                                                                                             Click to order

Paxton Police Department  Click to order


Towson Police Department Click to order


Union County Sheriff  Click to order


Cloverdale Police Department  Click To Order

Modesto Police Department Click To Order

Pompton Lakes Police Department Click To Order

Saginaw Sheriff Police Car Click To Order

Michigan Police Car

Connecticut   State Police  Car

  Key West Florida

City of Tampa, Florida New Design

Pasco County, Florida Sheriffs Office  New Design

City Of Clearwater, Fl.  New Design

City Of St Petersburg, Fl.

City Of Juneau Alaska     Click to order

Hillsborough County, FL Click to order

City Of Tarpon Springs, FL. Click to order

Please  fill out the form below to get information to have your local Police Department custom painted:

 Please Note: Please add $8 to each order for shipping/handling.  Thank you for your order ! ! 

Please follow these simple Guidelines for custom painted models:

When we custom paint a model for you, there is a lot of work that goes into making this model look the way you want.

We require photos of all angles of your vehicle; straight on photos of the front, both sides and the rear of your vehicle along with any additional graphics that you would like to appear on your vehicle.  In addition, we need clear photos of the colors of your vehicle and if you can tell us the color as well that would expedite the process of custom painting your model. The best photos are taken during daylight hours (not at night) which should bring out the colors of your vehicle.   If the photos do not bring out the correct colors or if the photos are not clear, please re-take the photos before you send them to us via E-mail.

Please note: Custom painting takes approximately 6-8 weeks to complete due to the process that is necessary for custom painting.   If you have a special occasion that your custom painted model is for (IE: Birthday, Anniversary, Special Event, Christmas..etc); please let us know before you place your order with us and we will try to accommodate you.  Multiple cars and multiple car order orders vary.

Remember, if we don't have clear photos and clear information on the colors of your model vehicle, then we will need to get in touch with you for more photos and color information as we need this information from you.   Needless to say, this will slow down the progress of your model. 

Needless to say, all custom painted models are final sale as the model vehicle has been custom painted for you by our custom painting staff.

To see the quality of our Work, here are two references for you to look at:

Here are some of the Bus models that we have custom painted for some of our cleints'

Here are some of the custom Painted Police cars that we have done for our clients'

If you would like more information on our unique custom painting service, please fill out this form and we will get right back to you:


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